William Keith Carroll


William Keith Carroll

William Keith Carroll

Phone: M: (615) 972-5565 (615) 972-5565 mobile
Phone: O: (615) 974-3948 ext. 8 (615) 974-3948 ext. 8 office
Office: Exit Realty East Nashville
5003 Gallatin Pike
Nashville, TN 37216

Keith is a creative thinker and “do-er.”  Although he has a successful sales and marketing background which spans over twenty years, Keith loves to build, tinker, invent, and solve problems.  Keith (and his lovely wife, Nan) relocated to Nashville in 2001, in hot pursuit of hit songwriting dreams.  For several years, you could usually find Keith doing the Nashville songwriter scene:  writing songs, gigging at smokey nightclubs; and humming annoyingly catchy songs you've never heard at his full time day job. 

Today, however, Keith has found his true calling through revitalizing residential real estate.  He buys broken, dilapidated houses to rehab or renovate them into home-sweet-homes again.  Asking Keith about one of his new real estate projects is like asking a father about his new baby girl—please proceed with caution, his smartphone is cocked and loaded with project “before and after” pics.  ;-)

Keith also finds tremendous joy in helping others find or sell their home-sweet-home.  He knows how it feels to be a buyer or seller at the closing table, having closed dozens of times as both a buyer and a seller of single family homes.  Because of his unique reoccurring investor needs, Keith has had the privilege of working with (and learning from) many exceptional Realtors over the years.  So you can count on Keith to help you find or sell your home—he’s learned from some of the best.


If you are looking to purchase a home, you will discover one of Keith’s defining best practices from the moment you first sit down with him to discuss your home purchase needs—ninja-like listening skills.  You may already know of a list of features you are looking for in a home.  If so, Keith can help you further define and prioritize this list.  But he can also help you discover additional important considerations you may not have previously been aware of.  Keith wants to make sure you are satisfied with your home purchase decision, not only on move-in day, but for many years to come.  


If you are preparing to sell your home, you may already realize how stressful it can feel.  You will find Keith to be an amazing resource to help you keep calm so you can prepare with confidence.  You have Keith’s extensive real estate investment experience on your side to help you prioritize your home sales goals and preparedness tactics.  Keith is a pro at helping you determine the best ways to prepare your house to sell for the highest price in today’s market.  If selling at the highest price is not your number one priority, that’s okay.  You can still rely on Keith’s 20+ years of award winning corporate sales and marketing skills to go to work for you.  You can be confident in Keith’s ability to help your house-selling event go as seamless and—well—uneventful, as possible!

Why wait?  Call Keith today.  He will set up a convenient time to meet with you and discuss your home buying or selling needs; and how he may help.  You’ll be happy you called!